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When buying or selling a home, an added complexity involves repairing the home in the middle of the real estate transaction. Who chooses the repairman? What repairs require licensing? What is the extent of the repairs? How are the repairs verified?

Sellers and buyers usually have different goals for inspection repairs. Sellers want it done correctly, quickly, and affordably so they can move forward with the sale. Buyers are not interested in the cost, as they are not paying for the repair. Buyers are concerned with quality, warranty, safety, and aesthetics. Finding a balance between these preferences can be difficult.

Home inspectors use terminology like: " a licensed electrician," or " a qualified professional." Of course we all want licensed professionals, but that is not always possible. In Georgia, roofers do not require licensing. There are other trades where licensing does not exist. In these instances, it is important to review other important information. With roofers, many of the shingle manufacturers have preferred vendors that have trained with their specific products. A roofer may be "Owens Corning Preferred," indicating the manufacture is confident in the installation and processes of that roofing professional. Some questions to ask may be: Does the company belong to a trade organization? Do they have any certifications in lieu of licensing? Is the professional insured? What references can the professional provide? What warranty is included with the repair?

As a home inspector, I often get called back for reinspections to verify repairs after they are completed. Usually these verifications involve items a buyer cannot access or is beyond their technical expertise. One of the most common deficiencies on a home inspection is exposed roof fasteners. This simple repair involves caulking visible nails and screws. Depending on the slope of the roof and area of the fasteners, ensuring the repair is complete is difficult. Buyers typically only have the repair invoice to trust.

Verification is important. That is why with every repair, I provide the invoice, photos, and videos to show the repair was completed correctly. When needed, I can provide code references to show what is required by the local building department. I am willing to go above and beyond to ensure that all parties involved are satisfied.

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