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Updated: Sep 16

As a general handyman and a home inspector, I am asked almost daily about either fixing issues from home inspection reports or referring someone that can. Like many other handymen, I often chase the larger jobs, or are booked weeks in advance. Real estate agents recognize the difficulty in finding someone that can simply caulk roofing nails or replace a GFCI receptacle. Unless repairs can be grouped, warranting a specialized professional like an electrician or plumber, agents often encourage their clients to seek monetary concessions over pursuing repairs for smaller items.

Many of these common issues are small, however result in safety issues or can grow into larger concerns if unaddressed. Having an avenue to repair inspection deficiencies prior to closing will likely give buyers increased confidence in their homes. Rather than conceding arbitrary thousands, sellers will likely pocket larger returns making these actual repairs. Agents can anticipate increased referrals and positive reviews from the superior service and results. The handyman will have decreased liability from smaller jobs.

Master Inspector Handyman is not your average "Mr. Fixit." By narrowly focusing on real estate transactions and investment properties, increased flexibility and superior repair quality results. As a general handyman, one day I could be building a deck, while the next, pouring a concrete shower pan. The variability of a wide scope limits availability and overall quality. Home inspections often generate similar issues. Decayed trim, loose toilet(s), and incorrectly wired receptacles are on nearly every report. Familiarity with these most common repairs will allow structured pricing, quick response time, on-hand material inventory, and the ability to provide quotes often without added visits.

Rejecting larger jobs to maintain flexibility and narrow repair scope may go against general practices, however the goal of this uncommon plan is to increase transactions, reduce competition, and provide a valuable and much needed service.

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