Although I am skilled in a wide variety of handyman services and repairs, I focus only on preparing listings, correcting issues listed on home inspections, and repairing items for investment properties, (occupied or vacant).  As a full-time home inspector and manager of personal rental properties, I encounter similar issues every day.  This limited scope allows me to be well equipped and more flexible to quickly address these concerns.  


Contact me with any inspection item and we can discuss your needs.  Certain repairs require specialists.  In those instances I can recommend other qualified professionals.  I am very comfortable with a variety of home inspection reports and can often quote repairs directly from a report or repair amendment.  No issues are too small.  Sealing roof nails, adding insulation, replacing wood decay, securing decks, minor electrical and plumbing and much more.

Repair verification is very important in real estate transactions.  The typical handyman will simply provide a receipt for the repair.  Master Inspector Handyman will provide photo and/or video verification of the repair with an invoice so that sellers and buyers can both have confidence in the repair.  When necessary, code will be cited for further verification.

As a home inspector, I pride myself for having one of the most comprehensive toolkits in the industry.  Multiple drones, infrared, moisture detectors, and multiple code references and resources guides are at my disposal.  Having tools other inspectors do not allows me to catch items they don't have the ability to find.  I take the same approach with handyman repairs.  I invest in the best tools, and study and train to use them properly.  If a job requires a tool I do not have, I purchase the proper tool rather than making due with another.  I am always well equipped to repair any job I accept.

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